Gina Salá
                Singing Ourselves Awake to Who We Are

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Gina Salá
Gina Salá

You are one-of-a-kind, and your voice and presence are a blessings in the world. And you can sing. Even if someone ever told you you can't. Our voices are healing instruments, and instruments of connection, joy, integration, transformation, authentic expression of the heart, playfulness and beauty. Singing helps us wake up to Who we are.

Whether you're a professional singer or public speaker or tend to save your vocals for the privacy of the shower, you are welcome here!

Gina Salá is a teacher, performer, and healer who helps us awaken to the power and pleasure of our voices and the magnificence within!

With a repertoire spanning 23 languages, she has learned and shared songs and sound healing techniques on stages and in living rooms, conferences and huts throughout much of the world, including singing at the United Nations and as lead singer for Cirque du Soleil's "O".

Gina offers individual and group voice classes, fun events and workshops, corporate team building events, and sound healing for adults and youth. She also leads singing and chanting tours of exotic India.

Whether you are wanting more clarity and confidence for speaking, or want to experience the joy of community through song and chant, Gina can assist you in experiencing more peace and possibility within.

Come explore the various avenues Gina uses to spread the joy of giving voice and experience the delight of singing and chanting in your life.

Om shanti shanti shanti Om!
Peace and blessings to all Beings!
Jai Ma!


Because the One I love lives inside of You . . . © Gina Salá, 2001 All rights reserved.