Gina Salá
                Singing Ourselves Awake to Who We Are

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Gina Salá
Gina Salá

You can sing, and your voice is one-of-a-kind, a powerful instrument to help us experience our freedom and awakening,connection, integration, wellness and joy. With a repertoire spanning 23 languages, and a lifetime of chant

Throughout time, in all cultures, people have used their voices to heal, to feel united, to grieve, to empower and celebrate.  Our voices can help us to consciously experience the union of apparent opposites- Spirit and Matter, ourselves and other. Our voices are healing instruments, and instruments of connection, joy, integration, transformation, authentic expression of the heart, playfulness and beauty. Chanting and singing can let the mind rest in the heart, and help us wake up to Who we are.

Our voices can lead us into places where compassion, love, creativity, and connection to Love arise naturally. Life gets better. There is a pleasure and power in this kind of singing.
Whether you're a professional singer or public speaker or tend to save your vocals for the privacy of the shower, you are welcome here!
About Gina Sala: Gina Salá is a teacher, performer, and healer who helped thousands awaken to the power and pleasure of their voices and the magnificence within! She has been chanting since her early childhood ashram years, and has learned and shared sacred songs, chants and sound tantra and nada yoga techniques in much of the world.
Gina Sala ha a repertoire spanning 23 languages and performance credits include Cirque du Soleil, the United Nations, and more. With warmth, humor and devotion, she offers Indian classical singing, sanskrit, stories and sound tantra in classes, cds, kirtans, and retreats.
Whether you want to experience greater freedom and joy through chant, or just want to experience greater power and confidence in singing and speaking, these sound practices that Gina offers can be of great help.
Come explore the various avenues Gina uses to spread the joy of giving voice and experience power and delight of singing and chanting in your life.

Om shanti shanti shanti Om!
Peace and blessings to all Beings!
Jai Ma!


Because the One I love lives inside of You . . . © Gina Salá, 2001 All rights reserved.