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Gina Salá is a vocalist, teacher, and composer who performs and leads workshops on the power of sound and voice internationally and is co-director of Sound Healers of Washington. Her repertoire spans 23 languages, she's been lead singer for Cirque du Soleil's "O" and she has performed at diverse venues including the United Nations and the U.S. Pentagon. With joyful awe at the power of sound and voice, she has learned and shared songs and sound healing techniques in stages, schools, living rooms and huts throughout much of the world.  



"Gina Salá is a leading innovator in the field of music, health and wellness. She has the gift to facilitate healing with her voice."

- Don Campbell, author of "The Mozart Effect,", the "Roar of Silence"

"Gina Salá is a gifted energy healer whose medium is the human voice. She has an amazing ability to catalyze groups of people to connect from the heart through song and chant. I highly recommend experiencing Gina's work."

- Rick Ingrasci, M.D., Director of Community Development BigMindMedia, Langley

Gina Salá (BA) began learning and practicing cross-cultural sacred sound, mantra and chant at the age of 3 while living in a Hindu ashram. She has lived and studied in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal, studied with shamans, and teachers from Africa, Russia, N. America, the Amazon (Peru) and more. She has also studied therapeutic aspects of sound extensively with Don Campbell, author of the Mozart Effect and Music: Physician for Times to Come, Dr. Pat Moffitt Cook, Tom Kenyon and others. She completed coursework and assisted in workshops with the Institute for Music Health and Education. She was also one of the first musicians to complete the "Music for Healing in Transition" Program (working with people in hospice and hospital settings) and is hired to share therapeutic sound and music in hospitals. Gina Salá teaches experiential classes and workshops in the power of sound, mantra and voice in schools, retreat centers, yoga centers and other venues, offers individual voice lessons and voice therapy sessions and directs a choir.

I had several sessions with Gina after receiving a bone marrow transplant from leukemia at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. The side effects from treatment where failing lungs and liver. Gina guided me with my own voice, creating a powerful healing vibration within me which created an energetic shift creating space for me to heal.

She was a powerful conduit in my healing journey and the results of my successful recovery convinced me of the critical need for Western medicine to integrate her work and that of other alternative forms of medicine in to a new paradigm that incorporates the mind, spirit, and physical body into ONE.

-Chris O'Hara, Commercial Realtor, CT

"Gina Salá has helped me immensely in mantra and leading of chant. She offers precise explanation and pronunciation instruction of mantras with respect to our sounds, while offering encouragement, compassion and humor in explanation and teaching. She has the gift of knowing her subject intimately and in depth, while making it accessible, and therefore easier to directly experience for any student. She is a rare and wonderful teacher both for the beginner in sound awareness, and experienced sound yogis alike. Anyone who has an opportunity to study with Gina Salá will be fortunate indeed."

--Lee Gurreri, Yoga Teacher, Director of Yoga and Beyond, Bainbridge Island


YOUTH WORK: Gina Salá is featured in the Across Borders Media documentary "Sing: a Healing Community Celebration" for her use of cross-cultural song and voice techniques in working with "at-risk" and differently-abled youth. She continues to work with youth in variety of organizations to help them find their own wholeness and power, and to help create the world in which they'd like to live.

GLOBAL OFFERINGS: She leads annual trips (called "River of Sound") to India to study and learn with music and sound masters in sacred sites, mainly centering on the Ganges River. She helps bring unity and connection to groups in organizations (e.g. Sacred Psychology Association) and conferences (e.g. IONS) and meetings (e.g. Mid-East Peace Dialogue, World Sits Down to Dinner) through participatory, interfaith song and chant. Repeatedly, she shows diverse groups that when our voices unite in song, our hearts experience our harmony and unity and from there anything is possible.

PURPOSE: Gina Salá is dedicated to sharing awareness and experience of the power of sound and our own voices to bring about integration and balance of our mind, body, spirit and heart. In that balance, wellness and love naturally arises and we are better able to care for each other and the planet. Gina Salá's passion is helping us awaken to Who we are. She often reminds us, "The One I love, lives inside of You".

Om shanti shanti shanti Om!
Peace and blessings to all Beings!
Jai Ma!

Because the One I love lives inside of You . . . © Gina Salá, 2001 All rights reserved.