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ABOUT GINA SALA' : Gina Salá has been chanting since her childhood ashram years. Her repertoire spans 23 languages and performance credits include Cirque du Soleil, the United Nations, festivals and more. With warmth, humor and devotion to the Divine and her teachers, Gina offers Indian raga singing, sound tantra, sanskrit mantra, cross-cultural healing songs and voice empowerment in her India tour, retreats, kirtans and workshops and year-long Awakening Voice sound school.



Updated 9/28/17


Oct. 13-Nov. 3, '17 Annual River of Sound India Tour



Oct. 2, Monday Harmonium & Mantra Class, Seattle


Oct. 6, Kirtan, Amazing Grace, Seattle







"Singing is a path of freedom, empowerment, beauty and love. No one's voice can take the place of yours. You can sing."- Gina Salá




Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Awakening Voice/Power of Love Sound Schools Level 2 & 3 combined, 3rd immersive weekend.


Oct. 2, Monday Harmonium (6:15 pm) and Mantra class (7:30 pm), Seattle



Oct 6 7:30 pm, Kirtan and World Chants at Amazing Grace Amazing Grace Spiritual Center, 2007 NW 61st, Seattle.  As leaves start to fall, let's drop deeper into Love in a wonderful evening of world chant, mantra and groove with Gina Salá and friends. Our hearts sing, minds rest and our breath unites us all.
$25 in advance, $30 at the door 
Advance Tickets at Brown Paper Tickets




Oct. 13-Nov. 3, River of Sound India Tour Gina offers you an insider experience, after leading 12 tours to India. Sacred sites, deep sounds, transformation. To registered


Nov. 30- Dec. 5, Jeffery Armstrong’s VASA retreat. Gina returns as special guest in this week long retreat. For more information:


Dec. 9-10, Awakening Voice / Power of Love Sound School Level 1, 4th immersive weekend.


Dec. 16-17, Awakening Voice / Power of Love Sound School Level 3, 4th immersive weekend.


Dec. 31, 9 pm- midnight ~ New Year’s Eve Kirtan and World Chant, Amazing Grace Spiritual Center, 2007 NW 61st, Seattle.  Save the date and bring in the New Year with Gina and her wonderful band. Tickets on sale soon. Adv. $30, Door $


Coming up in 2018


Jan. 13-14, Awakening Voice / Power of Love Sound School Level 2, 4th immersive weekend.


Jan. 27- Feb. 3, Mantra, Raga, Drum and Yoga Retreat in Maui with Daniel Paul.


Mar. 10-17, Ocean of Devotion Sound Wellnes Retreat in Yelapa, Mexico. Sound Tantra, Yoga, Chant

Mondays Harmonium Class and Chant /Mantra classes
$25 for one class, $40 for both.
Next class Sept 18th and Oct 2nd, then no class until Dec.

6:15-7:15 pm Harmonium class- all welcome. Bring your harmonium or try one.

The harmonium is an instrument often used for kirtan that is very easy to learn and very supportive of the singing voice. Gina also has harmoniums to sell. Please RSVP for a spot. Small group.

7:30-9 Bhakti Chant/Mantra Class - The bhakti path is powerful, sweet, liberating, and therefore rejuvenating.  All welcome on this evening for mantra, sound tantra, chant, and kirtan in sweet community. Mantra are powerful words of power that clear the mind and allow us to feel the peace that is already here. Bhakti kirtan opens the heart and really lets us feel the divine power and unity in community.

RSVP for address and directions.  (415) 938- GINA (4462) or


* 2017 RIVER OF SOUND™  (Sound Yoga) TOUR IN INDIA

October 13-November 3, 2017:

Hari Om- All welcome! The 2017 is filling up, so let us know if you're interested as the size is limited to allow for the kind of meetings and experiences this tour offers.

INSPIRATION, TRANSFORMATION, INTEGRATION in SACRED VIBRATION! Contact Gina at (206) 412-3745 or to confirm dates and for more information! This is a trip of a lifetime! Sacred sounds, sites, masters, friends!

Come be welcomed in India as sadhaks on the path of sound! Mantra, Song, Chant, Gypsies, Camel excursion, Music Performances (including gypsy party) and Instruction with music masters from classical, devotional, gypsy and Qawwali traditions, Aarti Puja, Sacred Sites, (caves, temples, Ganges River, more), Rustic and Deluxe accommodations in Delhi, Varanasi (ancient city of Shiva on the Ganges) Rishikesh (Pilgrimage place, foothills of the Himalayas, ancient yoga, ayurvedic massage available), optional Taj Mahal, Rajasthan (immersing in Qawwal isinging and gypsy singing). Call or email for more information on this amazing. unique opportunity to experience India through the powerful sound vibrations within you via music and sound masters. If India calls you, what a great blessing to come! Please RSVP to reserve your spot.   (more details on the Retreats page).

For more info: email or (415) 938-GINA(4462)


Jan. 27- Feb. 3, '17 Maui Kirtan Drumming Retreat
with Gina Salá and Daniel Paul

Relax on the rural northshore Maui in this beautiful private tropical garden estate perched on a jungle cliff a 1/4 mile from the ocean. Soak in the salt water swimming pool, the sauna or the ozonated hot tubs overlooking the ocean. Enjoy the private gardens, the permaculture farm, the yoga studio, the fantastic catered organic meals and a choice of comfortable private rooms, or off-site accommodations. Join Gina Salá and Daniel Paul as they share their " Haka Mele" or weaving of song.

Gina offers daily warmups and techniques to find more pleasure and power in singing, bhakti stories and tips, sanskrit mantra and pronunciation, and raga singing and ornamentation and chant writing.
Daniel offers daily rhythm drum circles and optional tabla lessons.

For more information or to register:  or


March 10-17, 2018 Ocean of Devotion Sound Wellness Retreat Yelapa, Mexico

Supported by the peaceful beaches, delicious food, birds, and waterfalls, and wonderful locals in Yelapa (a lovely Mexican coastal village without cars), experience a spacious, rejuvenating week of delightful and transformative singing and sound practices to bring about joy and wellness.

As in all of Gina's tours, there is optional connection and sharing with locals, that allows for a richer experience. In this retreat, we reach back in time in this beautiful seaside village, a short boat ride from Puerto Valllarta joined together, fed by the sun and spirit of the land and sea. There will be time for the beautiful beach, hiking, birding, wonderful cuisine and optional yoga classes.

Retreat size is limited for maximum benefit. RSVP to reserve your spot. More details on Retreats pageFor details:



INDIVIDUAL VOICE/Harmonium/Sanskrit Mantra/Sound Wellness Sessions in person or via Skype: Experience greater freedom and expression in singing and speaking tailored to your needs, interests and timing. As we release and transform blocks to our own vocal expression, we experience the freedom in mind, body, spirit and emotions. Clear mantra pronunciation of mantra allows for great transformation. Your own voice is a direct pathway to integration of all aspects of our being and for deepening easy connection with others- which enhances the pleasure of our life and our effectiveness in our work. For more information/to schedule: (415) 938-GINA(4462)or email

GIFT CERTIFICATES and CDS: Give a gift that keeps on Giving (and Living)!

You can purchase a gift certificate in any amount for sound healing sessions, kirtans, workshop series, group lessons with Gina Salá. Let your friend or loved one experience the pleasure of greater vocal empowerment, confidence, delight or just the great vibes of kirtan. For info:



Awakening Voice/ Power of Love Sound Schools

***"Sound School" in Seattle and N. BC, Canada with Gina Salá: Mantra, Tantra, Nada Yoga, Sound and Wellness. Let us know if you are ready for a deep and delicious dive into sound and consciousness: 
A year long program that includes 4 immersive weekends and teleconferences. A rooted, systematic approach to gaining tools for balance and transformation, freedom and stability, awakening to bliss and peace in turbulent times. The vibrations we share (in thoughts, mantra, emotions, sound) make a difference in the world. Gina has been chanting mantra for nearly 4 decades, and has been studying and sharing cross-cultural sound and wellness practices for nearly 20 years. With honor and gratitude to all her teachers, and the Source in all, she welcomes you all. Please contact Gina if you are interested in being part of this rare and wonderful experience of a year-long Sound School (Mantra, Tantra, Voice Empowerment, Sound Healing, Sanskrit, Bliss).. For more information or to reserve your space (its almost full), please contact Gina at (: or 415) 938-GINA(4462)



The Gayathri mantra, is a powerful mantra of illumination in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. With clear transmission, open heart and clear pronunciation,it is a powerful healing mantra that for thousands of years was only made available to brahman males. By the grace of her gurus, most recenltly Vagesh Shastriji, Gina is pleased to share this mantra, its origins and related practices, clearly with  you so you can experience the benefits of this powerful sacred sound.



Gina Salá


Gina Salá is a vocalist, composer, teacher and chant leader with a repertoire spanning 23 languages . Her performance credits include the U.N., Cirque du Soleil and international festivals. She spent her early childhood years chanting in Swami Sivananda Radha’s ashram. She deepened her practices living in the Himalayas at Buddhist monastery in Nepal (Kopan), with H.W.L. Poonjaji ("Papaji") and through ongoing study with her esteemed sanskrit, tantra, and Indian classical voice teachers in India (including Vagesh Shastriji and Pt. Ritwik Sanyalji). With warmth, humor and devotion, she offers international retreats in sound wellness, sanskrit mantra, voice empowerment, dhrupad raga and chant in her annual “River of Sound” tour in India, workshops and a year-long Awakening Voice sound school. Her passion is helping us singing ourselves awake to Who we are.




Om shanti shanti shanti Om!
Peace and blessings to all Beings!
Jai Ma!

Because the One I love lives inside of You . . . © Gina Salá, 2001 All rights reserved.