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Gina in gold dressGina Salá is a vocalist, composer, music director, sound healer, and teacher from Seattle whose love of the human voice has taken her to performing and studying throughout much of the world. She has been chanting since early childhood and studies, and shares cross-cultural singing, sanskrit, mantra and chant. She has performed at the US Pentagon, the US Capital, the United Nations, and s principal singer for Cirque du Soleil’s “O”. With humor, devotion and a repertoire spanning 23 languages, Gina Salá shares her passion for singing us awake to who we are!

Chanting: Filled with a love for the One Divine known through many forms and names, Gina Salá leads regular interfaith, participatory chanting (kirtan) evenings as a pathway to awakening to our unity and wholeness. Salá began devotional (bhakti) chanting to the Divine and mantra in different traditions at age 3 living in a hindu ashram in Canada with Swami Sivananda Radha. She deepened her practices in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery (Kopan Gompa) in Nepal in 1992. Salá spent several months solo in the Himalaya, and emerged to meet her advaita Guru, Papaji (HWL Poonjaji) who was in the lineage of Sri Ramana Maharshi. She has continued "diving deeper" into direct experience of the Self, and sharing experiences that help us Remember Who we are. She has been studying tantra and sanskrit for many years with the eminent Vagesh Shastriji and Dhrupad (classical Indian singing) with Ritwik Sanyalji, part of a 17 generation line of Ancient classical Indian singers. Her heart remains devoted to the Divine in all. She  continues to grow and deepen and study in the field of sound and wellness and sacred sound, even as she leads retreats, chanting and workshops internationally. Singing is Gina Salá’s path to opening the heart, which brings freedom and ease and joy. Her passion is empowering us to recognize our magnificence through our own voices, and singing us into remembrance of Who we are. Jai Ma!

Performances: Gina Salá’s love of the human voice has taken her to stages, living rooms, and huts throughout much of the world. With her ensemble of 2-6 musicians, Gina Salá offers an evocative set spiced with humor, that leaves people humming songs from places they may not have expected to travel!

“Gina Salá is an innovative leader in the field of music, voice and wellness.” – Don Campbell, author of “The Mozart Effect,” and “The Roar of Silence”

Teaching: With joyful awe at the power of sound and voice, Gina has lead workshops on voice and healing in the US and Canada since 1995. She is known for facilitating even the most reticent folks to find joyful, embodied freedom in their voices and also to find their own silent voice within. She has worked extensively with youth and adults primarily in the US and Canada.

Gina's voice class

Corporate/Organization events and workshops: "The multi-talented Gina Salá and her international musical entourage provided the perfect ambience for the west coast premiere of the Donna Karan winter line fashion show. Working with such high end clients of Nordstrom's and Donna Karan I can always rely on Gina's international palate and good taste to provide splendid entertainment and ambience." - Terry Morgan, Modern Enterprises


by the Ganges
River of Sound ™ at Deoprayag-Himalayas, India (March 07). Here we offered flowers and prayers along with Indian pilgrims where the Alakhnand and Bhagirathi rivers come together to form the Ganges River. I can still feel her potent, swirling energy!
(photo by Jens Wazel)


Sound Healing: Gina Salá has studied and shared cross-cultural sound healing techniques and codirects Sound Healers of Washington. She is featured on the Across Borders documentary: “Sing, A Healing Community Celebration” and has completed coursework through the Open Ear Center and Music for Healing in Transition in Program.

Studio Work: Gina’s exotic voice and compositions are featured on the Roland/Spectrasonics “Voices of the World” compilation, recordings by James Twyman, VIP Lounge 2, cds by Tulku, Sonic Tribe, and many others.

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Om shanti shanti shanti Om!
Peace and blessings to all Beings!
Jai Ma!

Because the One I love lives inside of You . . . © Gina Salá, 2001 All rights reserved.